Free Photoshop CS2 download really finished? ? I looked for it.

This time, it is the topic of Adobe Photoshop CS2 which could be downloaded free.

Photoshop CS2 could be downloaded free of charge, as you might have known if you were working in web production or design.

Not only Photoshop CS2, but all Adobe CS2 products such as Illustrator CS2 were available for free download.

And until just recently!

However, there were rumors that free download ended around May 2019.

This time, I would like to verify from the official website whether the free download has really ended. (If you find something still there, we ’d love to hear from you with comments!)

Find free Photoshop CS2 (Adobe official website)

Free download Photoshop CS2 that worked on Windows 10

Free download Photoshop CS2 that worked on Windows 10

Adobe CS2 products that were available for free download until recently were released in 2005.

At that time, I worked for a web production company, so Photoshop CS2 was an essential software for design and image processing. It was quite easy to use.

14 years have passed since the release of CS2, and software has been upgraded. However, in fact, I am currently using CS2 on a Windows 10 PC.

Of course I have a license for the current version of Photoshop CC, but I still use CS2 which is quick to start.

So it’s a pity that Photoshop CS2 download ends.

By the way, if you have already downloaded Photoshop CS2 but can’t run it on Windows 10, you can refer to the following site.

How to use photoshop cs2 on Windows10 (Japanese)

Reason why there was no free download of Photoshop CS2 for mac

However, until recently, only the Windows version of Photoshop CS2 was available for free download, not the mac version.

This is because the free download Adobe CS2 product did not support the Intel mac CPU.

Apple used PowerPC until 2005, but since 2006 it has switched to an intel CPU.

Photoshop CS2 was released in 2005, and it was just the time of switching.

Therefore, to be exact, the Mac version of Photoshop CS2 could be downloaded for free, but it was only compatible with the previous PowerPC CPU, so it could not be used with the current mac PC.

PowerPC (Wikipedia)

As an aside, according to the link to the image, in 2020, Apple also seems to be rumored to return from Intel to its own chip.

[Verification] Maybe you can’t get to the free Adobe CS2 product download page in May 2019?

It seems that the free download of Photohop CS2 seems to have ended in May 2019, but I verified that I could not reach the free download page.

You can search from icon next to “Login” at the top right of the Adobe official website.

Search keyword: CS2

So, I tried searching on the Adobe official website.

Search for “Free Photoshop CS2” on Adobe official website

I think I used to get to free download pages such as Photoshop CS2 with this keyword before …

Find free Photoshop CS2 (Adobe official website)

There is a way to download older versions of Adobe products, but …

When searching for “CS2” on the Adobe official website, the download page hit the top.

If you go to the bottom of the download page, there is a link “how to reinstall older versions”.

It is the link “how to reinstall older versions” page.

However, since you log in with an “Adobe account” and see the purchase history here, you can probably only re-download products after CC (Adobe Creative Cloud).

Well, unfortunately it seems I can’t go to CS2 free download.

If there is someone somewhere, please comment!

Search for “Free Photoshop CS2” on Adobe official website

Find free Photoshop CS2 (Adobe official website)

On the other hand, what is the price of the current Adobe CC?

Compare Adobe CC prices. The price balance is strange … lol

If you know the price of a Adobe product that was sold out in the 2000s, you would be surprised.To be clear, it’s cheap.

At that time, Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2 and other included software were included, and it was probably about 200,000 yen. It was professional software, not amateur software for individuals.

You can subscribe now at a cheap price.

This is a fixed price that can be used by amateurs.

Creative Cloud plans and price lists.

Let’s compare the price of the current product Adobe CC (Creative Cloud). You can see the plan from the link below.では、現行品Adobe CC (Creative Cloud)の値段を比較してみます。

Creative Cloud Price list (Adobe official website)

Adobe has published an academic version since the previous purchase-out package version, and it was offered quite cheaply for students and faculty members.

This is alive!

In the current Adobe Creative Cloud, the name is “Students and Teachers” and it is also offered at a low price. Up to 60% off?

Adobe CC Plans Per month
Photoshop US$20.99/mo
Illustrator US$20.99/mo
Lightroom US$9.99/mo
Photography(Photoshop + Lightroom) US$9.99/mo
All Apps US$52.99/mo
All Apps(Students & Teachers) US$19.99/mo

Price list for Adobe CC plan. This price balance is strange lol

If you use Photoshop or Lightroom as a single plan, use Photography Plan of US$9.99! (I am subscribed to this plan!)

Photography(Photoshop + Lightroom)(US$9.99/mo)

And the “Students and Tteachers” All Apps plan is even cheaper!

You can use Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing because you can use the complete plan.

The plan for such a dream is US$19.99 / month, which is too cheap and strange. That’s 60% off the regular complete plan!

All Apps(Students & Teachers)(US$19.99/mo)

Adobe Video Apps

Recommended Adobe products Summary

So, this time we compared the topic of Photoshop CS2, which is rumored to be free download, and the price of the current product Adobe CC.

It is a pity that the download of Photoshop CS2, which I was used to, seems to have ended, but unlike before, it is a good time to be able to use Adobe products by subscribing considerably cheaply.

Be careful not to lose because the price balance is strange! Lol. If you want to use Photoshop, we recommend that you subscribe to the “Photography Plan”, and if you are a student or teacher, subscribe to the “All Apps Plan”. Thank you for reading until the end.